Designed and Manufactured


It looks familiar but under the skin everything is different. Marble re-engineered for the 21st century, a more consistent, flawless appearance.


Marble is a beautiful material to work with but requires great skill and dedication to be able to achieve the perfect result.

Our skilled team of craftsmen have spent years perfecting the art of marble, using a delicate blend of traditional techniques alongside modern technology to produce Aurora fireplaces to an exceptional standard, every single time.


Every fireplace starts as a scant - a precision-cut block of marble ready to be worked upon. Each scant weighs over 200kg yet is delicate requiring great care.

Scants can only be cut using a diamond-tipped saw, a process that requires skill and dedication in order to master. A continuous stream of water keeps the blade cool, too fast and the blade will overheat, too slow and the marble can chip. This is where the skill of the operator comes into play.


For intricate details we turn to 21st century technology - CNC cutting, this process does what used to take hours of hard work. Putting form into the marble, and allowing our designers to create beautiful fireplaces that would have been too costly to produce any other way.

Once cut to shape, each component is moved by hand to an edge polishing station. Here each surface is polished to a glass-like shine, with every surface inspected by eye to ensure a faultless finish.


Every craftsman at Aurora is responsible for ensuring each component conforms to a strict standard, so when it comes to assembly, everything fits together with perfection. Each piece of marble is brought to a flawless finish, with even the slightest surface imperfection being expertly removed with careful hand-polishing.

As the marble moves through the manufacturing process it is expertly maneuvered by hand, a chance for each and every craftsman to inspect their work. We take pride in the quality of our marble, it’s in our blood and it ensures absolute consistency in every fireplace we make.


The final stage in the process, the accumulation of many hours hard work, and an art form we wouldn’t trust to a machine. Each component is expertly brought together and skilfully aligned by sight and feel alone, a firm but caring touch to turn marble into fireplaces.

Each part is inspected then packaged using our own methods developed over many years, a final step to ensure it leaves our factory the way we intended. Only 10 people ever handle our marble over the course of its journey from scant to fireplace, a process repeated 1000’s of times a year, a testament to the skill and passion of everyone involved.

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